Frances England fell into the kids' music world by accident. In 2007, she wrote and recorded a little homespun cd called Fascinating Creatures as a fundraiser for her son's preschool. She had no intention of anyone outside her own circle of family and friends hearing it, but word got out, and within a couple of years Frances went from playing at nursery schools and libraries, to Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

With a gift for capturing the wonders, simple pleasures, and beauty of childhood, Frances frames her music in ways both children and parents can appreciate. Her sparkly, acoustic pop songs are both catchy and heartfelt. In a Parents Choice Gold Award review, Lynne Heffley enthused, "England is an original, an exceptionally creative and musically astute children's artist whose unique musical vision was apparent in her debut album. With the authenticity of her alt-rock and acoustic folk rhythms, her expressive vocals and gentle, slightly offbeat approach to what it means to be a child - and a parent - England proves she again and again, she is the real deal."

Critics have been effusive in their praise for Frances' work. Fascinating Creatures was the sole recording to win the 2007 Oppenheim Platinum Award for Music. Two years later, AOL named the album one of the Top Ten Children's CDs of the decade. Her album, Family Tree, was included month the Best CDs of the Decade by Time Out New York Kids, and was named Album of the Year by All of Frances cds have been recognized in the Top Five of the Fids and Kamily Awards, a yearly poll compiled from kids music writers, radio programmers, and others in the industry.