Sleepyhead Mommies, this one is for you…

Happy Mother’s Day….

3 Responses to “Sleepyhead Mommies, this one is for you…”

  1. CarolCamp says:

    Frances- this is awesome :) I just discovered your music after checking out the ‘mind of my own’ cd at the local library. I thought the artwork was cute and was super happy to discover such a great musical find! My daughter Ramona (1.5 yo) and I had a living room dance party all morning :) Thanks for sharing your music with the world! <3 Carol & Ramona

  2. Robin H. says:

    Loved this song!! That is certainly my life wrapped in those lyrics! I just recently discovered your music with You and Me. My son’s teacher used it in her Kindergarten slideshow DVD as an end of the year gift to the parents. It truly touched my heart! Thank you for making wholesome music I can actually let my kids listen too!

  3. Zoe says:

    I love your music! I was browsing and I liked your music so much, I bought 4 copies of Mind of my own! I gave them as birthday presents.

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